About Us


The Founding Years…

Founded in 1996, Auto Count Sdn Bhd, formerly known as BCE Software Sdn Bhd, is Malaysian leading developer of accounting and business software. We empower our customers to achieve their business objectives by turning their cumbersome business processes into efficient business software system, by reducing extra manpower and by providing accurate data to make smart business decisions.

Early Success, Expert in Financial Accounting System

Auto Count Sdn Bhd develop and deliver quality business software solution, AutoCount Business Suite which comprises of Accounting, Stock Control, Payroll, Point of Sales and Mobile solutions that integrates seamlessly to ensure the smooth running of customer business.

Since its incorporation, Auto Count Sdn Bhd assisted its customers by providing products which is best in quality, comprehensive in function and excellent in design. Today, we support more than 50,000 companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippine, Australia and South Africa.

With its award winning AutoCount series of business solution software, we dedicated ourselves in research on product development and enhancements. We continue to uphold our tradition of leadership by remaining a step ahead of other competitors by providing the best business solutions for customers.

To date, AutoCount has deployed over fifty thousand (50,000) Autocount software installations and as a result of these deployments, AutoCount is actively servicing large numbers of enterprises who subscribe to long term maintenance contracts and professional services.
AutoCount has thus established itself as the market leader the industry. Having equipped with great skills, the team is able to provide business consulting that encompasses business process reengineering, operations optimization, business costing optimization and business process automation for clientele in various industries.


The current management team consists of Mr YT Choo & Mr Alex Ng as head of business division, Mr CP Choo & Mr Kenneth Lim as head of product developments and research division. The company currently employs 80 employees.

Autocount serving as accounting software platform can be customized according to user requirements, as a result of this offering, it has become the preferred accounting software in the SME market segment.