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The Developer of AutoCount Software

Auto Count Sdn Bhd (751600-A) possess more than 25 years software development experience. The company is 100% owned by Malaysian and its head office is located at Oasis Corporate Park, Ara Damansara, Selangor. Its main business is to develop and provide high quality accounting software as well as other business applications to small and medium sized enterprises. As at today, AutoCount Accounting, AutoCount Point of Sale and AutoCount Payroll have been the preferred choices of most SMEs in Malaysia and its surrounding countries. More than 200,000 companies and 600,000 users of various industries/sectors are supported by 300 authorized dealers in the regions respectively.

AutoCount Time Capsule
  • Launched AutoCount Cloud Accounting.
  • The 1st IRAS verified TIER 3 solution provider in Singapore.
  • Recognized by The Star Business Awards: Male Entrepreneurs Of the Year – Choo YT (CEO).
  • Launched AutoCount Cloud Accounting.
  • Establishment of AutoCount Academy: An online e-learning platform contains courses created based on AutoCount software series.
  • Certified as a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP) by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).
  • Launched AutoCount Cloud Payroll.
  • Launched Accounting 2.0 & POS 5.0.
  • POS 5.0 upgraded with e-payment and e-wallet.
  • Awards: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award – Top Nominee for Technology Entrepreneur.
  • Awards: AmBank BizRace Programme – Top 30 Businesses.
  • Launched Accounting 1.9 and AutoCount Express 1.9 (Compliant to Malaysia SST)
  • Awards: Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards – Digital & Technology Business Excellence.
  • Awards: Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards – CIMB Regional Business Excellence.
  • Relocated to new office in Oasis Corporate Park @ Ara Damansara.
  • Awards: Start Outstanding Business Awards - Most Promising Company.
  • Awards: Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards.
  • Awards: The Golden Globe Tigers Awards – Market Leadership Awards.
AutoCount Accounting 1.8 and AutoCount Express 1.8 become the best-selling SST accounting software in Malaysia.
Launched AutoCount Accounting 1.8 and AutoCount Express 1.8 (Approved by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) as SST Compliant Accounting Software).
Approved accounting software by Singapore IRAS.
Launched AutoCount POS 2.0 Generation.
  • Rename AutoCount 2006 to AutoCount Accounting.
  • Rename AutoCount Express 2006 to AutoCount Express.
  • Awarded Malaysia MSC Status Company.
  • Launched AutoCount Express 2006.
  • Market expansion to Indonesia.
  • Incorporation of Auto Count Sdn Bhd.
  • Launched AutoCount Accounting 2006.
  • Awarded Microsoft Certified Partner ISV / Software Solution.
  • Introduced AutoCount Computerized Accounting Course.
  • Launched AutoCount Premier, AutoCount XP and Pocket AutoCount.
  • Awards: PIKOM - Computimes ICT Awards.
Launched AutoCount Payroll.
Launched AutoCount Lite.
Launched AutoCount Plus.
Launched AutoCount Professional.
Incorporation of BCE Software Sdn Bhd.