Payroll features to support work-from-home during Covid-19 outbreak.

It Is Important for Salary Payout Remain On-Time

Making sure employee receive their salary on time is always crucial. A late or delayed payment often demotivate employees and lead to loss of confidence in the company. The Cloud-based payroll enables HR personnel to manage staff salaries paid on time and stay productive so long that the internet connection is available. With AutoCount Cloud Payroll, employee’s payroll and payment details can be access anytime. It also supports multiple banks payment through online transfer. This simplified the entire payroll process.

Hassle-Free Leave Application and Approval

How if an employee who also fell sick or quarantined during this worrisome period? Consequently, a holistic payroll system should also come with an e-Leave feature where the employee can apply for leave online, without physically submitting the paper leave forms to their managers or the HR department during the time which they are physically unwell. In AutoCount Cloud Payroll, it allows the employee to apply for leave with just a few clicks on their keyboard from a computer or mobile app. It is also easier for management to track, analyse and make a quick decision on rejecting or approving leaves on the same system.

Track and Manage Staff Claim Electronically

For remote or work from home staff, the most convenient choice in submitting and reporting claims/expenses for reimbursement is through electronic method. With AutoCount Cloud Payroll e-claim module, staff claims can be submitted electronically together with receipt photos, verify and approved within the system. It allows HR to determine the list of claimable items and enable employees to claim expenses based on pre-set eligibility criteria, preventing excessive claim or claiming expenses that are not covered by the company.

With AutoCount Cloud Payroll, HR can now manage payroll remotely with ease, even during the current epidemic. The system automatically backup payroll data into the cloud and ensuring employee’s data are stored securely.