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Why AutoCount Cloud Payroll

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Restricted by access rights control, every employee/user may view overall information on dashboard upon login. Including statistics/charts, applications status, pending approvals, to-do list and notification

All employees allow to apply leave, apply claims, check leave, check claims balance & download payslip through our ESS portal. HR can now cross their finger on all these tedious processes.

Statutory & Bank Compliances

Compliant with statutory regulations, comes with forms, submissions, statements, listing and reports, with selected bank electronic payments integration.

HR Made Easy

With our powerful visualize tool, you can now manage your company employees & company hierarchy chart easily.
Our intelligent reminder advises you on your employees’ status and settings due date and updates, streamlining your HR processes.
Say goodbye to Excel HR Letter template. Our built in comprehensive HR Letter helps you prepare HR letter in a single click.

Data Security

Accounting CloudPayroll Software

Powerful Tools

Our system allow you to create your own formula in Allowance/Deduction/OT etc. No additional system changes are required to fulfill your company calculation need.

Now, you can design your company payslip on your own. No extra cost & support is needed.

Integration with AutoCount Accounting

Connect to AutoCount Accounting via web services API and get the related payroll transaction posted to accounting modules.

Singapore AutoCount Cloud Payroll Mobile App

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Mobile App

Stay connected

Access to essential features with your smart phones, such as eLeave / eClaim application, status checking, and approval process.

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Accounting CloudPayroll Software
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Accounting CloudPayroll Software
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Accounting CloudPayroll Software
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